GARDENA 3-Way Y Coupling

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The practical hose junction

The 3-way Y-coupling from GARDENA is the right accessory for you if you want to simultaneously use two different watering devices with one water supply. With the help of the connector, you create a hose branch via the three connections. The main hose from the tap comes to one connection point, while two other garden hoses are divided using the two side outlets. The branch distributes the water, allowing up to two watering devices to be operated at once. For example, while a sprinkler is connected to one hose, you can use a second hose to water your flower bed with a watering wand. The Y-coupling is made of durable plastic, this makes it not only robust, but also protected from frost for all-year-round use. GARDENA gives you a five-year manufacturer's warranty on this Made-in-Germany quality product. Das Original GARDENA System.