GLUE DEVIL Wood Glue 443

  • Very good heat resistance
  • Good water resistance
  • Improved creep resistance
  • Improved solvent resistance
  • Can be used to bond a variety of woods both natural and reconstituted, it can be used for the production of doors, edgings, furniture, laminations and windows.
  • Can be used for laminating on RF and high frequency presses.
  • Not recommended for structural applications as it is not a thermosetting product.
  • For articles which will be exposed to direct weathering the glue joints need to be protected by suitable coatings.

GLUEDEVIL WOOD GLUE is a high quality, fast-drying and non-toxic multi-purpose PVA adhesive which dries to a clear finish. Excellent for both soft woods (e.g. Pine, Meranti) and hard woods (e.g. Oak, Imbuia). Also suitable for bonding processed boards, paper, cloth, cardboard, leather and felt. GLUEDEVIL WOOD GLUE is ideal for both the DIY enthusiast as well as for craft and school projects.

50- WGLUE0514

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